You can play a vital role in helping to close the jobs-housing gap by staying up-to-date on the most recent studies and current events. This resource page provides you with the information that you need to stay informed. Learn more about the state of housing, regional initiatives, and ways you can engage your community.

Home for All Newsletter

Home for All regularly refers to the newest research and studies to close the jobs-housing gap. Check back here often for insightful resources.

Home for All has developed a wide array of print materials as educational resources for members of the community.


Home for All periodically holds special Convenings for community leaders to explore contemporary housing related issues.

Community Convening: January 25, 2018: Second Units

Community Convening: March 28, 2018: Framing with FrameWorks Institute

Community Convening: May 24, 2018: Transportation

Community Convening: January 24, 2019: Community Engagement

Community Convening: March 28, 2019: Strategies for Talking About Housing with FrameWorks Institute

Community Convening: May 23, 2019: Developing Neighborhood Support for New Housing: Insights for Addressing Parking & Congestion Concerns