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San Mateo County is strongest when we recognize that what affects one of us affects all of us. As a resident, you already know that opportunity and quality of life are just two of the many wonderful reasons to live and work here.

But lately, it’s become harder to call San Mateo home—and that impacts us all.


Are you looking for housing, social services, or other emergency resources? Get connected with housing, food, and other resources in San Mateo County. 

housing in San Mateo County

As housing costs continue to rise and wages stay the same, more families, workers, and young people are having a hard time finding a place to call home.

And it’s not just housing prices that have gone up, the rising cost of living has made it more difficult for seniors on fixed incomes and households living paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet. One extra expense for these households can lead to homelessness.

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A severe lack of housing options across our county is forcing multiple generations to leave. From parents and grandparents unable to downsize their home, to workers who have to leave and commute, to young people unable to stay in the place they grew up in, this issue is affecting communities up and down San Mateo County.

But this is San Mateo County; we’re innovators and problem solvers. Let’s support solutions and investments to create a more inclusive, hopeful future with diverse communities where residents of all backgrounds can thrive. Creating homes at all income levels and for all ages can provide opportunities for residents and the workforce to have a safe, affordable place to call home.

housing development in San Mateo County

Let’s make San Mateo County a place where everyone has the right to a decent place to live, regardless of race or income, so they can be part of our shared future. Let’s find a Home for All.

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