Learning Network

May 17 Zoom Session: Proactive Inclusion

Learning Network

All cities and towns in San Mateo County are invited to participate in the Learning Network. The Network, which began in September 2017, features updates on progress in pilot communities, sharing of information and case examples between participating members and topical information identified by members as being useful for achieving success with their housing goals. Cities have expressed interest in a variety of additional topics including messaging on housing, community engagement, mobility, and funding.

Apr 25, 2019: Sustaining Engagement

Feb 28, 2019: Communicating for Engagement

Nov 29, 2018: Working With Community Partners

Sept 27, 2018: Community Education About Housing

June 28, 2018: Community Engagement Pilot City and Strategy Updates

April 26, 2018: Principles of Community Engagement

Feb 22, 2018: Spotlight City and Community Engagement Panel

Nov 30, 2017: Frameworks Institute's Approach to Messaging

Sept 28, 2017: Building Community Momentum for Housing

Aug 24, 2017: Home for All Overview and Planning