Participating Cities

Participating Cities


The Community Engagement Program is an initiative of Home for All designed to experiment with the most up-to-date forms of community engagement in select communities within San Mateo County. This webpage serves as a place to find documents for a particular participating city in the Community Engagement Program. For a more general overview of the Community Engagement Program, and a link to our Community Engagement Resource Manual, please visit our new community engagement page.

The goal of the Community Engagement  Program is to increase the overall amount of housing available by utilizing inclusive and innovative engagement and communications strategies to help the community better understand and support local solutions for housing-related issues. Selected cities and towns are working with Common Knowledge consultants on a community engagement project of their choosing.

Within the broad goal of including as much of the community as possible in creating pathways towards their vision of a livable community, this Program has been designed as a collaborative learning exchange.  The close observation of which elements worked, and why, can help inform all cities and towns in San Mateo County and beyond.

Pilot Program & Learning Network
Pilot Program
We are pleased to have worked with four cities for the Community Engagement Pilot Program!
Burlingame: Housing Resources
Communities selected as a pilot are receiving:
» Customized community engagement support on a selected housing issue;
» Consulting services provided by Common Knowledge;
» Access to other Home for All areas/resources, e.g. funding and policy support; and
» Grants funds to help cover essential expenses.
Scroll down to see materials from Community Conversations in the participating cities
Learning Network
All cities and towns in San Mateo County are invited to participate in the Learning Network. The network meetings, which began in September 2017, features updates on progress in pilot communities, sharing of information and case examples between participating members and topical information identified by members as being useful for achieving success with their housing goals. Cities have expressed interest in a variety of additional topics including messaging on housing, community engagement, mobility, and funding. If you are a participant in the Learning Network, please visit the Learning Network page for meeting information and materials.
Year Two Community Engagement Partners

We are pleased to announce that following the successful conclusion of community engagement pilots in our first four cities, we have expanded our community engagement program to six additional cities:

Home for All and city staff from each partner city are currently working to engage their respective communities around housing-related topics. Please visit our calendar page to learn more about exciting upcoming events!