Get Involved


Jurisdictions, businesses, schools, and community-based groups are facing the impacts of the housing crisis and exploring solutions, and they need to hear from you! This page shows upcoming meetings, events, and ways you can get involved in helping to make San Mateo County Home for All.

Read the Home for All Action Plan and learn more about specific tools to create more homes that San Mateo County residents can afford.
Schedule a Home for All presentation at your organization’s luncheon, roundtable meeting, or event by emailing
Check the Current Progress page to find out which housing policies have been adopted in your jurisdiction and encourage your elected officials to adopt additional tools to increase housing options.
Voice your support for Home for All and proposed development projects in your community that include units for a range of incomes.
If you are a homeowner, consider building a second unit on your property or participating in home sharing. Or, host an information meeting through your Homeowners Association to help your neighbors learn more.
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Attend a Home for All Convening